How to hide pannel in a standalone application?

Hi, I am following this tutorial 3. Hello World — Omniverse Robotics documentation and wondering if there are any ways to hide every properties panels when I run the application? I only want to see the viewport.
Here is my expectation:

I found a solution, however it is hard-coded. If there are another way to do it I am gladly to know.

from omni.ui import Workspace
Workspace.show_window("Stage", False)
Workspace.show_window("Layer", False)
Workspace.show_window("Property", False)
Workspace.show_window("Render Settings", False)
Workspace.show_window("Console", False)
Workspace.show_window("Content", False)

Hi @hoanggiang

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts:

F7 Enables and disables the visibility of the UI
F11 Toggles full screen mode

Check the viewport control docs for more details

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F7 works well with a normal stage, but not with a standalone version.

But thanks to your answer, I found a better way to do it

import carb.settings
settings = carb.settings.get_settings()
settings.set("/app/window/hideUi", True)

But then I couldn’t press F7 to enable the visibility of the UI again :)

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Now, if you want to toggle the UI visibility you can try:

import omni
import carb.settings
settings = carb.settings.get_settings()

def keyboard_event(event, *args, **kwargs):
    if event.type == carb.input.KeyboardEventType.KEY_PRESS:
        if event.input == carb.input.KeyboardInput.F7:
            settings.set("/app/window/hideUi", not settings.get("/app/window/hideUi"))

appwindow = omni.appwindow.get_default_app_window()
input = carb.input.acquire_input_interface()
input.subscribe_to_keyboard_events(appwindow.get_keyboard(), keyboard_event)

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I’ve filed a bug for F7 not working in standalone mode, that should work in theory. The extension that handles that might not be enabled with standalone python.kit by default.

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