UI toggle visibility

Hotkeys window shows the following bound by default:
f7 = ui_toggle_visibility
f11 = fullscreen mode
shift+h = toggle global visibility

On 2022.3.1, shift+h seems to toggle UI, and f7 and f11 both toggles fullscreen mode.

Is global visibility same as UI visibility? or maybe it’s a bug?

Hi PGrimm,
Thanks for the question on this. The good news is that this is actually not a bug, let me explain.

F7 and F11 depends on whether you are running CREATE ‘maximized’ or not. The two keys are subtly different. F7 maximizes the 3D viewport to the current App “windowed” size. F11 specifically takes the app fullscreen.

  1. When App is not maximzed >>
    F7 will remove most of the UI and fill in the whole “windowed” interface with just the working viewport at its maximum size. F11 will take the viewport FULLSCREEN.

  2. When App is already maximized >>
    F7 takes the app ‘almost’ fullscreen. Just with a tiny UI topbar. F11 goes one step further and totally maximizes the 3D viewport. This works the same way regardless of the size of your app window size.

SHIFT+H just toggles “viewport overlays” on and off. Viewport overlays are all of the additional details that are not actual 3D geometry. Lights, Cameras, Grid, and Viewport Information.


Cheeck this video. I go through each of the four “modes” twice. Notice that “mode 2” and “mode 4” are the exact same. F11 goes fullscreen either way. F7 looks like it is working the same way if you already have the app maximized, but if you do not, you can tell it is working differently.

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Thank you! this makes sense. I think the wording on the hotkeys window was confusing me.