Basic stuff?

Hai, I am looking for some basic stuff.
Like, fit all content to the window.
Reset to start position to have a total view of you stuff
Stop simulation. ( press space Barr 2 is not giving good feedback. still running or not
Time Barr that you see it is in simulation mode.
Rotation tool the degrees I have rotated it.
How to get out of full-screen mode? escape does not work for this

Maybe it is there ?


Hi Ton,
Thanks for your questions. There are some standard HOTKEYS that do a lot of the tasks you mention. For example F, will “Focus on selected asset”. If nothing is selected it will “fit all”. For fullscreen mode you can hit F11, and the same key takes you in and out of fullscreen mode. Here is a list of current HOTKEYS. More keys may be added later.
Keyboard Shortcuts — Omniverse Create documentation (

Hai Richard, Thank you very much for your help