View manipulation in Isaac Sim

I’m using omniverse remote client app and I cannot pan the view.
I can orbit around a point by using mouse and alt key, without alt I can rotate around views center. Scroller zooms in and out.
I think I’ve already tried all special keys + mouse buttons combinations but without luck.


There are details about Viewport Navigation here:

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Thank you, it is a good info but RMB+key doesn’t work for me for some reason. My setup: omniverse remote client on windows 10, Isaac Sim is running on AWS EC2 instance.


I can tell you from my experience that master this skill takes some time 😅.
I am not able to find the exact trigger for Walk Mode yet… just keep trying according to the Viewport Navigation description.

An experimental tip: If you enter into the Look mode then you will be able to perform the Walk Mode

No luck with Walk Mode so far…

Hi, I just tested that the Kit Remote works with both Look and Walk Mode. You might need to give it a few tries to work. Just curious, does you RMB works on other apps in Windows?

Yes, in other apps everything is ok.