Need Viewports in Standalone Windows but Built-In Operation Crashes Isaac Sim


I’m using Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 on Ubuntu 20.04.

I need viewports that pop out into their own windows for the purpose of aligning them in a pixel-perfect manner on external displays for stereo vision capabilities. The built in function of right clicking a viewport tab and dislocating it from the kit app window seems to just crash isaac sim 2022.2.1. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

Additionally, how would I go about generating more than 2 viewports? I recall being able to in a previous(or maybe future) version of kit where there was an ‘add viewport’ option that was very extensible.

I’ve had quite a bit of confusion trying to parse the viewport documentation, as there is the ‘old viewport’ and the ‘new viewport’ APIs.

Could I get some direction/suggestions on how best to do this?

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EDIT: I should add that I prefer doing all of this in the form of an Omniverse Kit extension so that I can automate all of the setup.

Hi @LMTraina99 - Does this document and previous post help answering some of your questions?


Not quite, though it is nice to know that I’m not the only one who has accidentally used the old viewport API.

I’m specifically looking for the following capabilities:

1- Popping out viewports into standalone windows that can be maximized
2- Generating new viewports

Both of these elements have existed at one point in Kit, but neither of them are accessible via the Isaac 2022.2.1 GUI, so I’m looking for the API calls related to these functions.

Thank you

Hi @LMTraina99 - This youtube video shows how to create the viewport. NVIDIA Omniverse Developer Office Hour - 10/07/2022 | NVIDIA On-Demand.

This extension has some wrapper API for creating viewport windows: omni.kit.viewport.utility — omni.kit.viewport.utility 1.0.14 documentation

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That’s helpful for creating more viewports, but what about creating viewports in new windows or popping ui elements out into their own windows?

you can find out that information in this document: Window — omni.ui 2.15.6 documentation

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