No "add viewport" button available in Isaac Sim

As the title says I cannot add a new viewport, the button is not available in my window menu - see snip below.


There are already two viewports available but I did not add them - I still want more.

The pipeline I have used up to this point is:

  1. Create a scene in UE5.0 (windows 10)
  2. Export as a USD (windows 10)
  3. Make a few modifications to the scene with Create (windows 10)
  4. Export the project as a .zip (windows 10)
  5. Import the extracted project into Nucleus (Ubuntu 22)
  6. Open Isaac and try to create a viewport (Ubuntu 22, Isaac 2022.2.0)

According to your docs there should be a “new viewport” button below the Extensions. As far as I can teel these docs are for the same version I am using.

Can someone help me find where the button is/why it is not there/any work around?


Hi @stefan.podg

Isaac Sim 2022.2.0 is built on top of Kit SDK 104.1 which introduces a new menu to open the viewport windows:

However, if you want to get back the “New Viewport Window” button you can always play (at your own risk :)) with the available code and make the following modifications in the exts/ file:

MenuLayout.Sort(exclude_items=["Extensions"], sort_submenus=True),
MenuLayout.Item("New Viewport Window", remove=True),


MenuLayout.Sort(exclude_items=["Extensions", "New Viewport Window"], sort_submenus=True),
# MenuLayout.Item("New Viewport Window", remove=False),


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