Isaac Sim, Robot loaded but not visible in the viewport

Hi, I am new to Isaac Sim, and I am trying to simulate a robot using it’s URDF. The robot is loaded but it is not visible in the viewport. It would be great if anyone can help me out with this issue.

I have attached a video of the steps I’ve take to import the robot.

Thanks in advance.

Can you share your scene?

How to share the scene? (Please bear with me as I’m new to this environment).
The video which I’ve posted along with the question captures viewport and loaded model, but as you can see in the video the model is not displayed on the viewport even though it is loaded in the stage. i am just another user, but wanted to see if could offer some inputs. below are my inquiries:

  1. is the issue applicable to only UR10 or are you seeing that on other models?
  2. what’s your hardware spec?
  3. which version of Isaac Sim are you using?
  4. if you were to open up the console log, do you see any errors? If you do, could you upload your log file for further assessment? you can find the log path under section 1 on this page - What Is Isaac Sim? — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation (
  5. does drag and dropping some assets from the Isaac Assets (Beta) panel result in the same issue?
  6. which renderer are you using within the viewport? you can check by clicking on the ‘Renderer’ and lightbulb icon near top left of the viewport control

and to share a scene, you will want to save your file as a .USD file, post it on the forum, or if it’s sensitive info, DM it to the mods for them to help checking whether they can repro the problem.

You can go to file->save as flattened and this will save the entire scene to one file and then you can include it as an attachment.