Problem importing a specific URDF

I have been trying to load a fanuc M_10iD_12 using the urdf importer of Isaac Sim, and every time I import it I get this message in the terminal and nothing is loaded to the scene:

2022-06-02 15:45:23 [925,192ms] [Warning] [omni.usd] Coding Error: in _SetValueImpl at line 6043 of /buildAgent/work/ca6c508eae419cf8/USD/pxr/usd/usd/stage.cpp -- Type mismatch for </physicsScene.physics:gravityMagnitude>: expected 'float', got 'double'

I am not sure how to correct this, or which script to look up to try to modify the type of the value from float to double.

I was able to import the Fanuc M_10iD_12, but I cannot see the robot unless I make all the colliders visible. I also imported a Yaskawa Motoman_GP12 but I have the same problem.


Hello, and welcome to the Dev community!

Do you have the source of the robot you are trying to import? I want to take a look at its urdf. In isaac sim Colliders and visual geometry are not necessarily the same thing, and the URDF must have the visual tag to be visible, otherwise it will have only the colliders.

I also need more information on the initial error. It should be a simple fix, but I need to be able to understand where it’s happening.

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Thank you for your answer! I added a visual tag and now I can see the robots in the scene, my URDFs didn’t have that tag originally.

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