Robot floating after import


I have some problem when importing a Robot from URDF.
The problem is that the model is just floating in space and therefore not being able to move around.
The individual joints however can be moved relative to the robots base.

I have imported the URDF using the URDF Importer extension, with the fixed_base flag turned off and then configured most of the drives as appropriate.
A physics scene with set gravity is also present.

Does anyone have an idea on how to locate the issue here?

Hi - Sorry for the delay in the response. Let us know if you still having this issue with the latest Isaac Sim 2022.2.1 release.

by default the scenes in Isaac sim start up empty. You’d need to add a ground plane to serve as your ground, otherwise the robot will indeed fall to “the void”.

If it’s a fixed robot and you want it on a static base in the world, you can set a fixed joint between the nothing and the robot base, and it will fix the robot base to the world pose.