Urdf import error


I’m interested in quadruped robots.
To test custom robot import, I used spot urdf file on github.

After I import spot on a scenario and click the start button, the robot just… shaked in weird way.
two legs were thrown away, and others kept twisted.

The scenario I used is “Isaac sim - Isaac sim examples - Communicating - ROS - Navigation”.
Is there something to do to import custom robot urdf on the scenario?

URDF links I used

  1. GitHub - clearpathrobotics/spot_ros
  2. GitHub - chvmp/spot_ros

@darbyyyy using the urdf from the first link, this is what I get on import, I was able to move the joints as well.

@darbyyyy could you provide a video showing your issue?

Actually I wanna import spot urdf model in my custom envrionment.

To reproduce the error I saw,

  1. create -physics-ground plane.
  2. import spot urdf
  3. since urdf is not on the ground, I translated it to the z+ axis.

then, you could see something weird.
when I played it, isaac sim crashed.

And I found way to avoid the error,
is play scenario before translate/move the robot model.
I mean it is not the perfect solution, but I could avoid the weird stuff / error

hope this helps someone.

@Hammad_M In your video, you moved the ground plane, and I guess that’s why you didn’t see the error maybe?
if you need, I’ll add a video.(probably later…)

Thank you for your kindness!

Thanks darbyyy,
We will verify if the order matters, file a bug if true.

Hi Darbyy, I checked and it doesn’t matter if you move the ground plane or the robot, both should work.
Please let us know if you see otherwise