Wheels are spinning but the robot is not moving

Hello all,

I wanted to use the custom robot (urdf file) in IsaacSim from this github repository https://github.com/NovoG93/robotino/tree/main/robotino_description/urdf but unfortunately only the wheels turn and the complete robot does not move. Thanks in advance for all replies.

@Zeradul i am just another user passing by. i don’t use a lot of Issac Sim, but there were a few other posts in the past that you could review and see if any of them would point you in the right direction (some are more recent than others, so i’ll let you decide their relevance to your issue):

Hi @Zeradul - Can you share the photos of your setting or video snippet along with the settings?, this will help us debug the issue you are facing.

Meanwhile, to use a custom robot URDF file in IsaacSim, you need to ensure that the URDF file is correctly defined and all the necessary components are included. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Import the URDF: Use the URDF Importer in IsaacSim to import your custom robot URDF file. You can do this by going to the top menu bar and clicking on Isaac Examples > Import Robots > URDF Importer. Then, load your URDF file.
  2. Check the URDF: Ensure that your URDF file includes all the necessary components for your robot to move. This includes properly defined joints, links, and controllers. If only the wheels are turning, it’s possible that the other joints or controllers are not correctly defined.
  3. Configure the Drives: After importing the URDF, you might need to configure the joint drives for your robot. This can be done in the URDF Importer settings.
  4. Check the Physics: Make sure that the physics are correctly set up in IsaacSim. This includes setting the correct mass, inertia, and friction for your robot’s components.
  5. Control the Robot: After setting up the robot, you can control it using the IsaacSim APIs or through a custom controller.
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Hi rthaker, here are some screenshots and a screen recording. 1. picture URDF Importer with configured settings. 2. and 3. picture Proerty of the robot. Screen recording the robot should move straight forward because the tow wheels are spinning with the same speed. About the urdf file, it´s working in gazebo. Many thanks in advance.

Hi @rthaker, did you find any solution?