I imported the URDF model myself,but wheel slip and spin

I imported the URDF model myself, which, like the official Carter model, is also two-wheel differential drive with a passive wheel. But whether I increase the friction, whether I increase the mass, whether I set the wheel to rubber, the wheel will slip and spin.

The velocity driver has been set when urdf is imported

Have you met this situation and how did you solve it?

Hi @litao_bate - The issue you’re experiencing might be due to a few factors. Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot:

  1. Check the friction coefficients: Ensure that the friction coefficients of the wheels and the ground are set correctly. If the friction is too low, the wheels might slip. You can adjust the friction coefficients of the materials in the physics material properties.
  2. Check the wheel’s drive settings: Make sure the wheel’s drive settings are correct. The drive stiffness and damping parameters should be set appropriately. For velocity control, the drive damping parameter should be set. A combination of setting stiffness and damping on a drive will result in both targets being applied, this can be useful in position control to reduce vibrations.
  3. Check the mass and inertia of the robot: If the mass or inertia of the robot is too high, it might cause the wheels to slip. You can adjust these parameters in the physics properties of the robot.
  4. Check the physics timestep: If the physics timestep is too large, it might cause instability in the simulation, which could result in the wheels slipping. You can adjust the physics timestep in the physics settings.

Thank you for your reply. You have helped me a lot. I have tried parts 1, 2 and 3, but the results are not good. I’m currently thinking about whether the collision area will cause my robot to wobble and fly

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words. Do you have a video showing the behavior you are experiencing? it may help us better understanding exactly what you are facing. If you can explain the actions you are taking on the video it would also help a lot.