Import URDF

I have a mobile manipulator robot. When I import the robot’s urdf into Issac Sim, for joint type drive, it is either for me to choose velocity and position, but I want velocity and the base and position for the manipulator. Is that anything I can do to enable both?

Hi @berternats - let me know if this document answers your question or not: 18. Import URDF — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Adding to @rthaker: While the URDF Importer window does a general setting for all joints - You can still manually change the parameters in post processing - You’d need to open the generated file, select the joints you want to change, and update the Damping/Stiffness parameters so they behave as a Position or Velocity drive.

For position drive - Set Stiffness greater than Damping.
For velocity drive - Set Stiffness to zero, and Damping to something greater than zero.

Noted. Thank you so much!

that’s not useful

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