3D movement, 6 DOF, with ROS/Joints

Hi there,
I am trying to build a robot that is capable of moving in a 3D way (so 6DOF).

What I am trying is to add 3 prismatic joints and 3 revolute joints to the body of my robot URDF.
After that, I import the URDF, set the stiffness to 0 (so that I can control in speed), add the JointState, the PoseTree, the Ros clock and everything is getting published.

However, when I try to move the robot (through /joint_command), nothing happens. Values gets changed but the robot either is stuck or moves erroneously from what I could’ve seen.

I’ve attached the simple urdf that I am using right now. (with only the prismatic joints)

Do you have any idea how I can solve this?
carter2.urdf (1.8 KB)

If you set the “Joint Enabled” flag on root_joint to False, does this resolve the issue?

I’ve tried different import options. I think there might be some issues in the importer itself (especially when one import joints as velocity joints). I managed to get it working in the end while

  • fixing the root joint (in the importer, I do not recall the option by heart now)
  • importing the joints as position joints and playing a bit with mass, inertias and gravity

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