Floating Joint Type CANNOT be loaded via URDF Importer

Hi, does anybody know how to import a Floating Joint into the scene?
Part of my URDF file is as follows.

The base joint cannot be recognized as D6 Joint Type.

BTW, when I change the type of joint into continuous, it turns into a revolute one after being imported.

According to URDF documentation, a floating joint “allows motion for all 6 degrees of freedom”. For Isaac Sim, that would be no joint at all. If importing it is giving you an error, please paste the error here so we can handle it accordingly. My expectation is this type of joint would be ignored by the importer.

Thank you for reply.
The Floating Joint is needed by other extensions like Articulation Inspector owing to the existence of root joint.
I sovled it by adding a D6 joint to it manually though, but still hpoe Isaac Sim can read and write it by default.

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