URDF Importer - Mimic support in 2023.1.0

I’m currently attempting to import a new robot into Isaac SIM, featuring a 2x4 bar linkage mechanism. This mechanism works flawlessly in RVIZ. However, when imported into SIM, all the extracted mimic joints are added as independent joints.

To make these joints act as 2 Degrees of Freedom (DoF), would I need to develop a custom “controller”? If so, what would be the most effective approach to achieve this?

For a better understanding of the robot, I’ve attached a picture of the RVIZ import. The primary challenge lies in maintaining the upper body parallel to the ground plane.

Attaching the doc for your review while the right PIC can look at your question: 5.1. Import URDF — Omniverse IsaacSim latest documentation

for me also mimic is not working,
after commenting out mimic the error is gone and I am able to control the robot, but for robotiq gripper you might see a bad movement animation.