Mimic Joint Tag Issues in URDF Importer for Robotiq 2F85 Gripper

I am in the process of converting a URDF file for the Robotiq 2F-85 gripper into a USD file. The latest version of the URDF Importer appears to support the ‘mimic joint’ tag, so I ensured that the ‘Parse Mimic Joint Tag’ option was selected. However, when I evaluate the resulting USD file, the joint states for position and velocity register as NaN (not a number). Additionally, I receive a warning in the terminal stating ‘Invalid PhysX transform detected for /robotiq_85_gripper/**********’. Could you advise on how to resolve this issue? I am using the URDF file from this source: ros2_robotiq_gripper.

I don’t even have this “Parse mimic joint tag” checkbox! How did you get it? I tried to install the “latest” URDF importer, but my IsaacSim is in Docker, and I guess that’s why I was unable to install it.


Isaac Sim version 2023.1.0 introduced support for mimic joints. However, in my usage of Isaac Sim 2023.1.0, the ‘Parse mimic joint tag’ checkbox does not appear. It may be beneficial to try updating to Isaac Sim version 2023.1.1.