Problem for isaacgym for mimic joint

Is there any solution for creating mimic joint in isaacgym . i have loaded a DLR hand with equality tag in xml file for mimic some joint in the finger. But this tag seems do not work when in isaacgym.

Hi, @wei.wei2018,

Equity constraints or mimic joints are not directly supported by Isaac Gym but in a lot of cases the desired result can be achieved by using tendons or with some additional custom code, with mirroring joint targets in the code. To check tendon based solution you can take a look for example at Shadow Hand xml model. Loading tendon descriptions from Mujoco files is supported by Isaac Gym Mujoco importer.

@vmakoviychuk yes, I have already try to use tendon with fixed joint just like in shadowhand.xml, but seems the tendon does not perform well as the equality tag in both Mujoco and Isaac Gym, would you like to share me with example code for mimic joint with some additional custom code for mirroring joint targets between two joints in Isaac Gym. Thanks in advance.