Is it possible to design a snap fit joint in Mujoco and import that to Isaac Sim/Gym?


i am having a hard time building´a physically realistic snap it joint in Isaac Sim that I want to use to implement a robotic assembly RL task.

However, I found a Paper that tackles a similar problem but does the simulation in Mujoco and the authors seem to be content with the results. I noticed, that in Isaac Sim there is the possibility to import robots from Mujoco. (Process Simulation Using Physical Joining Models for Learning Robot-based Assembly Tasks | IEEE Conference Publication | IEEE Xplore and (both from Arik Lämmle et. al))

Because I am on a tight deadline, I was wondering if someone on here already tried something like this and could share their experiences. Is there somenthing I have to keep in mind when trying this? I am especially interested in the simulation of deformable objects and how realistic they can be simulated like this but would be grateful for any insights on the import of mjcf in Isaac Sim.