Is it possible to simulate a tracked robot in ISAAC Sim?

We would like to create a training/simulation environment for a tracked robot.
Putting wheels under the model is not a satisfying option as the robot needs to overcome various obstacles including stairs.

Is there a way in ISAAC Sim to facilitate such a feature?

Hi @christian.rammelmueller - Can you elaborate little further to understand your use case?


basically we have a tracked robot which should be used in rescue robotics.
The robot has to overcome various obstacles in real life including debris from collapsed buildings, staircases, …
When I use virtual wheels for moving the robot in the simulation, it can not overcome such obstacles.

To Speed up development with SLAM/Navigation we would like to use Isaac Sim as a virtual training environment, but we want to be as close to reality as possible. Therefore we would need a true tracked robot simulation.

In principle a pendant to this Gazebo feature: Ignition Gazebo: TrackedVehicle Class Reference

The robot looks somehow like that: Tank Platform | AMBOT | American Robot Company

@christian.rammelmueller - Thank you for more information. Someone from our team will review this and get back to you.

Is there some good news for simulating this kind of tracked robots?