Announcing new MoveIt2 Isaac SIM tutorial

I’m very happy to announce a new Humble MoveIt2 Tutorial that shows how to simulate a robot in Isaac Sim.

NVIDIA’s Isaac Sim is a powerful platform for simulating robotic systems, and the MoveIt2 framework is the de-facto standard for motion planning and execution in robotics. In this tutorial, we will show you how to combine these two tools to create sophisticated and realistic simulations of robotic systems. We have written a new driver that simplifies the integration of Isaac Sim and MoveIt2, allowing you to easily incorporate motion planning and execution into your simulations. One of the exciting features of the new driver includes support for any robot (thanks to ros2_control!) and also works with mimic joint for parallel grippers:

With this tutorial and driver, you can take your robotics simulations to the next level!


HI,i am trying to control my own robot arm with MoveIt2.Are there any tutorials that can provide me with some guides. Especially,I would like to set a position and attitude, and then have the robot arrive at this given position and attitude, instead of dragging the robot through the rviz interface to have it arrive at any bit position. Is this achievable and how should I modify it.THANK U!

MoveIt! includes lots of tutorials. If you have specific questions I suggest you join the Discord channel and include more information about your setup and what you are trying to do.