Isaac Sim and MoveIt

Hi there, we would like to import a ABB robot arm and control it using MoveIt; we are able to import the robot arm using URDF importer and the joints and manual movement works well; however, we are like to explore on how can we control it with MoveIt.

We have gone through the tutorial materials and successfully control Franka arm.
It seems that “roslaunch isaac_moveit franka_isaac_execution.launch” is only for Franka arm itself, could anyone advice how can we control our imported ABB robot arm?

Thank you!

Hello! You would indeed need to modify the launch file and python scripts to use your robot instead. there’s not one defasult answer to it, as we don’t know your robot structure, link and joint names.

we suggest you take a look at the tutorial here and modify the files to replace franka specific values with the corresponding for your robot.

Thank you for sharing. I will try it out.

HI,i am trying to control my own robot arm with MoveIt2.Are there any tutorials that can provide me with some guides.THANK U!

Hi,how is it going?Can u control your own robot arm with MoveIt now. I
am trying to control my own robot arm with MoveIt2.But i have no idea how to go ahead hhh.

Hi @gaozhao22 - You can find the moveit tutorials here:

Did you take a look at this tutorial? How To Command Simulated Isaac Robot — MoveIt Documentation: Rolling documentation

it has a section on moveit2