Control the real Franka robot using Isaac Sim


I am wondering if I can control my real Franka robot using Isaac simulation. Could you provide some examples or some instructions? (I am using a 3090 GPU) Thank you!

Hi Allan,

you should be able to do so. Internally we do use Isaac Sim for controlling the real Franka, but we don’t have an external example for it yet.

Please explain your setup and we would try to help.


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Hi Liila,

Thank you so much for replying! We currently have the NUC of the Franka robot connected to a workstation that has a 3080 GPU on it. Also, we have installed Isaac on this workstation and built an application that runs in simulation. We want to use Isaac to control the actual robot based on the application in Isaac. We are thinking to use ROS to publish joint states. May I ask if there is a better way to control the robot using Isaac?

Thank you so much!

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ROS is how we control the real Franka in our internal setup currently as well.

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