How to simulate servo motion commands of real robots?

Hi, I am planning to simulate the motion trajectory of UR5 robot with isaac sim. However, I am wondering how to simulate the command servoj (a command that can be executed on real ur5 robot, see the figure below)?I hope to send commands to the robots in isaac sim and they can move like real robots, just like using UR sim.


Hi @Robo_qq,

We do not offer any custom simulation that directly mimics the interface and behavior of UR robots.

We do have a generic trajectory generator that can be used for 6 and 7-dof robots: Lula Trajectory Generator — isaacsim 2022.2.1 documentation

This “Lula Trajectory Generator” can generate trajectories based on c-space (“joint”) or task space (“cartesian”) path specifications as documented in the above link.

Behavior can be tuned by setting the velocity, acceleration and jerk limits for each joint. Velocity limits are set in URDF and acceleration/jerk are set in the robot description YAML file (Lula Robot Description Editor — isaacsim 2022.2.1 documentation).

thanks, Can I use moveit to connect to isaac sim to achieve this function?

If you have an external controller model that provides desired joint positions, you can stream these to Isaac Sim.

There is an updated tutorial for interfacing between MoveIt and Isaac Sim here: How To Command Simulated Isaac Robot — MoveIt Documentation: Rolling documentation

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