So I have my robot spawned in UE4 from IsaacSim. Need help with next step.

The documentation for isaacsim is pretty much just examples such as carter and kaya. Sure I can get them running, but I am having a hard time creating something for my purposes just by looking at the source code of these examples.

So I have some basic architecture running. Let’s call my robot Suzie:

When I run this command:

./Engine/Binaries/Linux/UE4Editor IsaacSimProject suzie -vulkan -isaac_sim_config_json="~/Documents/isaac/apps/suzie/suzie_sim/bridge_config/suzie_full.json"

the robot spawns in UE4 and I am able to control the joints through the UE4 GUI.

Now I want to have a very basic functionality where the robot moves one joint from R=0 to R=3 and back, repeating every 3 seconds.

What is my next step?

Hi heelbruise,

For the next step you have to write down your node into IsaacSDK to control suzie.
All the control commands (for Carter, Kaya, …) come from the Isaac SDK.
Take a look at the carter_sim example app.

Hope this helps,

Hi Liila!

Thank you for your reply. I understand. Could you please give a little more detail? Where in the project are the control commands exactly?

For example, I am guessing that I need to use the ActuatorGroupProto (here: but all I can find in the entire documentation is just this. I can’t find examples of its use anywhere in the documentation, in the carter source code, or the kaya source code. I can’t find any resource that ever mentions “ActuatorGroupProto” anywhere else. Can you direct me?

Any update Liila?

Hi Heelbruise,

Sorry for the late reply.
Probably is you post your question in the Isaac SDK forum you get better and more detail answers.
But for example the proportional_control_cpp app could be a good example to look at.

Hope this helps.

I am not moving a wheel so it is not a differential base. I am moving a robotic arm. Therefore, the proportional_control_cpp app does not help as much.

Ok so to be clear, you do not know how to move a joint in IsaacSIM right?

Does Nvidia have any samples that use robotic arms? I know that during the GTC 2017 event, Nvidia showcased a hockey robot. Is that application available for me to learn from?

I will ask there too.

Thanks! :)

Hi heelbruise,

Isaac Sim and SDK at the moment does not support manipulator, and there is no example for it neither in Isaac SDK or Isaac Sim.

My proposal was look at that example to understand how the communication between SDK and Sim works, and write your own manipulator node in the Isaac SDK.

Hope this helps,

Is there a timeline for when this manipulator support will be available?

Hi heelbruise,

I unfortunately, I don;t have any date to share with you at the moment.