How to import other robots in environment

How can i import the other custom robots in the environment like Laikago and other and how can i make Laikago robot walk? Can anyone help?

Abdullah Yasir

Hi abdullahayasirr,

you can import other robots like Laikago if you have the URDF. you can play with the joints in the Sim.
But keep in mind we don’t have the proto message or codlets in SDK for controlling it, so so you have to make you own.

Hope this helps,

Hello Liila!

I have my own URDF file. Is there documentation I can follow to import the robot in Isaac Sim?

I’ve tried to follow the section named “New URDF setup” from but my model is not showing up. I copied my URDF folder to a Unique Sub Directory in IsaacSimProject/Content/URDF and created the blueprint structure so far. But nothing is showing up when I press play.

Also, is there anywhere I can look for examples of proto messages or codles for controlling robots? I’m want to write my own to control a robot for testing the project that I am working on.

Tony Kam