Collisions not working

Good Afternoon everyone.

I must first apologize for my relatively super low level of understanding Isaac Gym as a whole. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks for a school project, and I stumbled upon an issue that my TAs and I can’t fix, so I tried to do what I could on my own but I might be not sufficient for you to help me. In this case, feel free to ask for what you need.

Long story short, I’m designing a robotic hand from scratch and now I have to train it with RL to allow it to grab a ball and roll it in the hand. Everything seems right until the collision part, where my thumb seem to be absolutely non tangible at random times : I can go through the ball or the palm of my hand randomly, making my RL results completely unusable in real life.

I tried in the file in the environment provided by home lab to change the param6 in the actor creation line to override the MuJoCo parameters with Gym computing all the collisions, without success. I also tried to shut down the GPU pipeline to use the CPU and visualize collisions, and it seems that more than often they are absolutely not detected. Nothing that I tried to do on the MJCF file amounted to some result, and I can assure you that the collision are properly computed in MuJoCo itself.

So know that I have exhausted all my ideas, I’m asking for your help. I would appreciate if one of you could guide me a little bit more on how to solve this issue.

I wish you a pleasant day.


P.S. : here’s a swisstransfer of all the environnement, since I don’t know what you could need to check it on by yourself. The models are in the asset folder in case. SwissTransfer - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers