Sclect xform case robot move when importing urdf

After importing URDF, when I click on the XForm on the right, the robot will also move with it? I’m not sure what the problem is, but it seems to affect the reading of the force sensor. (6.4 MB)

It can see that when I click , the position was clean and auto set to zero, As I continued to click, the robotic arm moved itself. Is this a bug or is it related to my URDF file?

Hi @Robo_qq - When you import a URDF file into Isaac Sim, the robot’s structure and joint information are preserved. If you select the robot and modify the XForm (transform), it will move the entire robot as a single entity, including all its child components and joints. This is because the XForm represents the global transform of the robot in the scene.

If you have a force sensor attached to the robot, moving the robot using the XForm could indeed affect the readings of the force sensor. This is because the force sensor measures forces relative to its own frame of reference, which is attached to the robot. If the robot moves, the force sensor’s frame of reference moves with it, which could change the sensor readings.

If you want to move parts of the robot independently without affecting the force sensor readings, you should manipulate the joints of the robot instead of the global XForm. You can do this by selecting individual joints and modifying their properties.

Hi,@ rthaker. I just clicked on XForm on the right side and didn’t move or modify them, but the robot did move(see the video)
And when I drag the position of one joint in the articulation inspector, other joints will also follow the movement. I think this is abnormal, but what is the reason for this?