Mouse pointer misalignment in Omniverse Kit

Continuing the discussion from Kit Remote Client [Windows]: Resizing Issues:

We are running Isaac Sim in a docker container on our Linux server, and Omniverse Kit on Windows 11 workstations. Everything is working, with one exception. The mouse pointer in Kit is misaligned with the Windows mouse in the horizontal direction only. The farther away we move horizontally from the center of the screen, the more pronounced is the misalignment.

The misalignment is worse if I use ./kit-remote.bat and then maximize the window afterward. There is less misalignment if I do:

kit-remote.exe -s <ip_address> -w 1920 -h 1080

It’s the same situation with Kit running on Linux:

./ -s localhost -w 1920 -h 1080

However, there is no misalignment at all if I omit the -w -h arguments and run the Kit in the default window that pops up. Unfortunately, the default window is impractical for any serious work (very miniature).

The topic I linked to this one mentions the misalignment, but without any hacks to get around it. Has anyone found a solution? I tried modifying the resolution in omni.isaac.sim.base.kit inside the docker container, to no avail.