Kit Remote Isaac sim windows

not sure how to do it but your documentation is definitly not helping

Hi, which part of the documentation are you unsure about?

Have you tried using the WebSocket livestream method? It is recommended over Kit Remote.

i was trying to follow the notes i had taken three days ago where i tried all your connection methods and deployment options just for self training purposes. so now the kitremote part of the documentation is no longer there because you just released a new version of isaac sim it seems to correspond.

why is it recommended over kit remote. im using kit remote from linux now cause i cant find the windows directions.
but kit remote on linux i was able to give it w 1920 -h 1080 arguements and it looks much better. the websocket method is crisper though but it lags more and that increases over time. plus i can get a full screen on kitremote just saying.
so now how do i do this from your omniverse app launcher on windows? and from the command line. I dont just need it to work i need to understand it from different aspects cause i need to support this inside of a datacenter in production and i need to know what to expect when someone downloads the code and then wonders why it doesnt work for them

Please follow the steps in 3. Advanced Installation — Omniverse Robotics documentation to run Isaac Sim 2021.2.0 from a headless container.

Information on the Livestream Client can be found here: Livestream Clients — Omniverse Robotics documentation

In Isaac Sim 2021.2.0, the WebSocket latency issue is now fixed and recommended over the Kit Remote because it is supported on a Web Browser on most platforms.
Currently, there is active development on the WebSocket client and there will be more fixes and improvements made to the WebSocket mode.
We have no ETA on when the next Kit Remote Client will be updated.

so now how do i do this from your omniverse app launcher on windows?

Isaac Sim is currently on Linux only. Kit Remote executable is available for Windows but is not available on the Omniverse Launcher yet.

Please let us know on your production use case so that we can help you with your setup.

im going to need to run multiple robot simulations in parrallel for parrallel development . basic factory floor in each one with mulitple robots on the floor. 2 or 3 to start and up to 10 in the future.

everything as a container, including the stuff on the robots

also in reality these robots wont be talking inside a simulation on the same ROS or ISAAC instance. theyll all have their own ROS or ISAAC running and have to be command and controlled through some custom system software. one that can use its websocket connection.

Is there any software middle ware you suggest to use as a bus that can talk to websockets but also be able to do traditional global pub sub? Kafka? RabbitMQ? DDS is out of the picture because of the license thing… we need open source. What about an Actor Model system like AKKA/Scala or or Project Orleans?

We might also connect a VR Headset across the bus. So what do you suggest for Unity3D? Export to FBX?

Thank you for the information. I can help with the setup side of things but will have to check with the team on the rest.

You can run multiple containers with ROS/IsaacSim. I would recommend using a dedicated Enterprise Nucleus to share data between them, if needed. The easiest is to have the containers on individual VMs so WebSocket can connect to each VM via IP address.
If you want to use a single VM with a powerful GPU or multiple GPUs, you can assign a specific IP and GPU to each container and WebSocket can access each individual container via IP too.