Kit Remote Client [Windows]: Resizing Issues

Hi all,

I’ve successfully launched the Isaac Sim Headless Container on our server as described here:

I’ve also successfully launched omniverse kit remote on my Windows machine as described here:
following the hint from the ReadMe.txt in the Windows client with the following attribute:

.\kit-remote.bat -s -/app/livestream/allowResize=true

The client launches successfully in a small window and everything is fine. When maximizing the window to full-screen on the lower left edge an hint pops up that says “successfully resized”. However in fullscreen mode then the following two issues are present:

  1. There are now two mouse pointers, one slightly shifted (1-2cm) which makes the interaction quite tricky
  2. The resolution is very bad and not automatically adjusted to the larger window size (1920x1080 in my case).

Hi, there are issues with livestreaming and mouse pointer offsets when resizing. We enabled the drawMouse option so that the user can see where the mouse is actually clicking on the host machine.

You can set the resolution on Kit Remote with this flag: -w 1920 -h 1080.


Thx, this is working.

But you should maybe update the README.txt file for the Kit Remote Client.

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