Changing the display resolution of the WebRTC streaming in Isaac Sim 2023.1.0

I am using Isaac Sim 2023.1.0 from a docker container and use WebRTC to visualize it. Changing the width/height of the [] within omni.isaac.sim.headless.webrtc does not seem to affect the stream resolution. Is there a was to change the resolution?

Hi. I think the streaming resolution is currently being set automatically based on the browser window size.

For me, it seems like it fixed whatever the browser window size is (websocket was adapting to browser size previously, but I do not see the same behavior with webrtc). Could you check the behavior and confirm, please?

Hi. I’ve found a way to change the streaming window size on the browser. You have to manually edit this file:


Look for these lines:

<div id="video-container">
    <video id="remote-video" width="1280" height="720" playsinline tabindex="-1"></video>
    <audio id="remote-audio"></audio>

Edit the width and height above.

Please note that there is no easy way to change this right now with a flag or config and the Isaac Sim team is not the author of this extension.

I can confirm that this works, thanks a lot!

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Actually, I noticed that while this works to scale the window size, the resolution does not scale, so the view looks blurry with a bigger size. Is there a way to scale the resolution as well so it looks sharp?

Yes, here are some flags you could use.

# for viewport resolution

# for app resolution

These flags seem not to change the resolution for me. The view is still blurry with bigger window sizes.

Could you please confirm if these flags function?

Yes. I can reproduce this issue. I’ll investigate. There maybe other flags or config to change the app window resolution.
I’m tracking this issue as OM-113259.

Try running Isaac Sim with these flags. It should help with the blur issue.

–/app/window/dpiScaleOverride=1.0 --/app/livestream/allowResize=true --/app/window/scaleToMonitor=false --/persistent/app/window/width=1920 --/persistent/app/window/height=1080

This makes it better. Thanks a lot!

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I have a follow-up question. Would it be possible for you to explain how to adjust these parameters, for example, if we want to go with a 4K screen?

Simply changing the --/persistent/app/window/width=1920 and --/persistent/app/window/height=1080 values does not seem to affect it. Actually, the only parameters that somehow affect the visualization are the following:

  • Changing the video container size inside \isaac_sim-2023.1.0\extscache\\web\index.html
  • -–/app/window/dpiScaleOverride=1.0 flag
  • --/app/livestream/allowResize=true flag

With others having no effect. This results in a rather sharp view, but with big icons. Making dpiScaleOverride lower than 1.0 seems to work but I lose the sharpness somehow. I would like to increase the resolution but didn’t manage so far.

Are there any new inputs for this topic?

Unfortunately, we do not have good solution for a 4K screen yet. I believe it is optimized for 1080p monitors currently.
I’ve put in a feature request: OM-114471.

Ok, thanks!

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