Set vlan prio on RoCEv1 on ConnectX-3/Pro on EL7 inbox driver

I’ve got vlans and prios working with egress-qos-map, but what I can’t achieve is telling mlx4 driver to set a vlan prio for RoCE traffic. I have configured a mirror port on the switch and I’m seeing roce traffic being sent over proper vlan, but it has prio 0, not 3 like in egress-qos-map. Is there ANY way to get it working on inbox driver? I just don’t want to install whole MLNX_OFED thing only to get 1 tiny (but important) option.

05:57:31.971188 00:02:c9:3e:48:b0 > 9c:dc:71:58:5c:21, ethertype 802.1Q (0x8100), length 338: vlan 300, p 0, ethertype 0x8915

1 tiny thing till RoCE is working over here!


Actually… I got it working by… doing nothing. It’s very important NOT to follow mellanox guides and NOT to use script on inbox/bare install. It should be used only with MLNX_OFED install.


As you’d deduced, the instructions/functions discussed in the MLNX_OFED user manual are designed with the official MLNX_OFED product in mind, and will likely not be interoperable with the inbox driver as they are separate offerings from different entities.

If you need further assistance with the inbox driver’s functions, support and documentation will be provided directly by the OS vendor as we do not maintain or control the code.

-Nvidia Network Support