I was inspecting the following sample code in GitHub: gpu-camera-sample/v4l2encoder.cpp at 8bcf51a8b5378c578d5ceac2e7fe223f2ace6e9f · fastvideo/gpu-camera-sample · GitHub

Here there is a video encoder setting called “setEnableAllIFrameEncode”. I am trying to find out the meaning of this setting. What difference does it make on the resulting encoding if I use setEnableAllIFrameEncode(true) or setEnableAllIFrameEncode(false)?

Unfortunately, the documentation does not appear to provide much useful info, so I wanted to ask here.


This is not an Nvidia API, so you need check with the developer on the difference.
If I check the implementation, the lowlayer calls v4l2_ioctl with cmd “V4L2_CID_MPEG_VIDEOENC_ENABLE_ALLIFRAME_ENCODE” which is defined at “Jetson Linux API Reference: V4L2 Video Encoder | NVIDIA Docs” .

The corresponding NVIDIA API call is: “setAlliFramesEncode”

I can access the definition in this link:

It says that it “Enables/disables all i-frame encode”. But it is not clear to me. Does it convert every frame to an iframe?

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The document is for using jetson_multimedia_api on Jetson platforms(Xavier, Orin series). Not sure which platform you use. After setting it, all input frames to encoder are encoded as I frames and outputted.

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