SHA offload DPU error

I am trying to use the SHA_OFFLOAD engine from one bluefield-2 we have hosted in our server.

I access to the /opt/mellanox/doca/infrastructure/doca_sha_offload_engine and when I run:
openssl engine dynamic -pre NO_VCHECK:1 -pre SO_PATH:${DOCA_DIR}/infrastructure/doca_sha_offload_engine/ -pre LOAD -vvv -t -c

I get the next error:
(dynamic) Dynamic engine loading support
[Success]: NO_VCHECK:1
[Success]: SO_PATH:/opt/mellanox/doca//infrastructure/doca_sha_offload_engine/
[Success]: LOAD
Loaded: (doca_sha_offload_engine) Openssl SHA offloading engine based on doca_sha
[SHA1, SHA256, SHA512]
[16:05:10:446557][DOCA][ERR][DOCA_SHA_OFFLOAD_LIB:380]: No suitable DOCA device found!
[16:05:10:496083][DOCA][ERR][DOCA_SHA_OFFLOAD_LIB:380]: No suitable DOCA device found!
[ unavailable ]
set_pci_addr: set the pci address of the doca_sha_engine, for example, 03:00.0
(input flags): STRING
What can I do to solve that bug?