APP shield doesn't work

I ran the app shield agent on DPU, it said can’t find the device

/opt/mellanox/doca/applications/app_shield_agent/bin/doca_app_shield_agent -p 13577 -e -m mem_regions.json -o symbols.json -f MT2125X03335MLNXS0D0F0VF1 -d mlx5_0 -t 3 -s linux
[23:56:58:155169][DOCA][ERR][COMMON:184]: Failed to create devinfo representor list. Representor devices are available only on DPU, do not run on Host.
[23:56:58:155788][DOCA][ERR][APSH_APP::Core:441]: Failed to open representor device
[23:56:58:155821][DOCA][ERR][APSH_APP:80]: Failed to init application: Invalid input