DOCA secure_channel failed to open comm channel


I’m trying to run the secure channel application on the DPU after upgrading DOCA to 1.5. I get the following error message:

ubuntu@localhost:~$ /opt/mellanox/doca/applications/secure_channel/bin/doca_secure_channel -s 256 -n 10 -d 03:00.0 -r b1:00.0 
[00:08:16:127712][DOCA][ERR][COMMON:217]: Failed to create devinfo representors list. Representor devices are available only on DPU, do not run on Host.
[00:08:16:127815][DOCA][ERR][SECURE_CHANNEL::Core:460]: Failed to open Comm Channel DOCA device representor based on PCI address
[00:08:16:137033][DOCA][ERR][SECURE_CHANNEL:66]: Failed to initialize endpoint: Invalid input

Any idea why it is not able to create a representor address?

I’m having the exact same problem, do you have any solution yet?