Shadow catcher with MDL?

Is it possible to to make a matte shader like Maya’s UseBG that allows you to create shadow mattes? Sorry if it is there and I don’t know how to activate it in the main shader. I see iRay has a ground plane option. Would be great to see that built in to the faster rendering options.
I do like the way Renderman uses the HoldOut tickbox on geo, that is a really simple way and it means the currenlty assigned shaders still provide lighting feedback. So maybe it is a geo solution and not a MDL one.

Hi delfemail,

Thanks for you interest! I’ll pass this along to the devs

This is currently in development and will be out in a couple of months. You can set any object as a shadow and reflections catcher.

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Any update on that?

I have done it using the Iray renderer in GUI but want to use pathtracing via the python API. This would be great to have.

Its currently in development, I cant share the exact release but I can say that we are actively working on it. The nice thing is that it works any shape and does both shadow catching and reflections based on the assigned material


Looks awesome - can’t wait!

Any updates on this?

Its now supported in 2022.1 beta released today

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Awesome news - how do I get access to the beta versions?

Oh my bad I am using Isaac, but you are referring to Create

Excellent work :)
Screenshot from 2022-03-26 16-22-13

The stage does load in Isaac but it does not work as intended, makes a weird diffuse surface that is only semi-transparent