shared memory bank conflicts cc 2.0

I’ve got little confused because I thought that I understand problem with bank conflicts but after reading: Programming Guide F.4.3.2 Larger Than 32-Bit Access, i don’t know.
Bank conflict occurs when two thread access to the same memory bank. Example:

//64 threads in block
float data[64];
data[threadIdx.x] = 1.0;

It couses 2-way bank conflict, yes?
access to data[0] and data[1] doesn’t couse bank conflict but access to data[0] and data[32] couses.

Example in programming guide said that there isn’t any bank conflict but I think that shared[0] and shared[10] are in conflict.

Bank conflicts never occur between threads of different warps (sets of 32 threads), because memory accesses (and instructions in general) are executed for one warp at a time.

ok, but in programming guide case we have thread from one warp

struct type { float x, y, z; };

 __shared__ struct type shared[32]; 

struct type data = shared[BaseIndex + tid];

32 threads but access to 96 banks, yes?

Yes, but that actually gets compiled to 3 accesses to 32 banks each (because float3 has no hardware support, .x, .y and .z are accessed separately). And because 3 (the stride in 32-bit words) and 32 (the number of banks) are relative primes, there is no bank conflict - each of the 32 threads accesses a different bank (if you are still unsure of this, work out the number of the bank that is accessed from each thread).