Signal status checker (Stop code according to signal condition)

I’m reading a signal from v4l2src.
I tried using pad probe etc methods, but I couldn’t read the camera signal at all, when I unplug the camera cable, the code continues to run.
I need to use such a query that it stops itself when the signal comes from the camera.
I’m developing on c and c++, I would be very grateful if you could help me with this.
I don’t know if it will help, but I use multicast methods such as filesink, udpmulticast sink, unicast sink over v4l2src in the code, if there are methods to stop the code by checking them, we can use them.
Thank u …

What do you mean couldn’t read camera signal?
Does it USB or CSI camera?

I’m reading the signal, but I want the gstreamer code to understand and stop the pipeline when I unplug the camera. (CSI Camera)
I’m talking about changing state according to signal break.

Here’s suggest for you.
Monitor the sensor by i2c to top the gstreamer code.

Is there an example you can show sir ?

You can reference to MMAPI sample code userAutoExposure for error handle and for monitoring the sensor via i2c you may need integrate i2ctools like i2cget to read specific sensor address to identify it.

Thank you for the information, do you think we can do it with gstreamer?

There have public the nvarguscamerasrc source suppose should be able do it.


Only the source is changing, I think the method is used the same.

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