Significantly LOWER performance when using exclusive fullscreen

When testing fullscreen windowed mode vs exclusive fullscreen mode the performance of an OpenGL application is approximately 50% lower when using exclusive fullscreen mode compared to fullscreen windowed mode. Both CPU and GPU usage are lower when using exclusive fullscreen mode. Vsync is disabled (and the framerate is observed to be higher than the monitor refresh rate in both modes).

jetson_clocks and no jetson_clocks are tested and there is no difference.

An example of Minecraft with the Sodium peformance mod is given.
Exclusive fullscreen mode (low performance):

Fullscreen windowed mode is forced by specifying a terminal window to render “always on top”.

This is in direct contrast to what I normally see on other drivers where exclusive fullscreen mode has equal or higher performance.

Please check if it is possible to replicate the issue on Orin Nano developer kit. It yes, please share the setup so that we can reproduce it first and check further.

This was tested on the orin nano developer kit.

If you want to test Minecraft java you will need to own the game first.
The easiest way to install would be through Prism Launcher which you can install with the pi-apps software store GitHub - Botspot/pi-apps: Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects

Minecraft 1.19.4 was tested with the latest fabric modloader and the latest version of sodium installed. These can be easily installed in Prism Launcher itself. The fps counter that you observe is a modified version of mangohud. It is not necessary to read the performance but was used for convenience. You can quickly open and close the F3 menu in game to read the fps.

It gets much worse. I initially use the SD Image based installation method with my devkit. My devkit had older firmware on it from the factory (which I believe was dated 2023-02-17). To solve as second issue Nvidia Jetson Orin shows 6.3GB of RAM - #22 by theofficialgman I flashed over my device using SDKManager. This gave me firmware dated 2023-03-19 and solved the ram issue (now at 7.2GB).

HOWEVER, the performance is now in the worse state regardless of what I do (both exclusive fullscreen and windowed are bad at ~125FPS). So it looks to me like this latest firmware has a serious bug in it and the previous one was bugged partially.

Please upload the 2023-02-17 firmware here and provide instructions for a manual flash so that I may flash it back to my devkit. I do not have any way of returning to it now.

@DaneLLL Any updates? Still experiencing this issue on a freshly flashed jetson orin devkit. Exclusive fullscreen has performance nearly 1/2 that of fullscreen windowed as show in the pictures in the first post.

This may be similar to
Rendering issue with GBM/KMS/DRI on Jetson AGX Orin devkit

We are investigating the issue. Will update once there is further finding.