Vulkan corruption when using Dolphin Emulator on r35.3.1

When utilizing the dolphin emulator to emulate wii/gamecube commercial games and homebrew, I am getting graphical corruption on screen through a horizontal rapidly moving black bar. A short clip of the issue is attached. The issue only happens with the Vulkan backend and is not present on other hardware I have tested (RADV MESA drivers, lNTEL MESA drivers, AMD/Intel Windows gpu drivers, and r32.3.1 on Tegra-X1. The issue is independent of vsync being enabled or disabled.

The following clip was taken on a Jetson Orin Nano Devkit with the Vulkan rendering option specified in dolphin settings.

You can compile and install the latest github source of the dolphin emulator by executing the following helper script

bash <( curl ) "scripts/games_and_emulators/dolphin/"

(note, don’t try and download and execute the script directly, it relies on external bash functions and is not written to install that way)

Would like to confirm how to replicate the issue on Orin Nano developer kit. Please check if the follow steps are correct:

  1. Boot the system
  2. Execute
$ bash <( curl ) "scripts/games_and_emulators/dolphin/"
  1. A binary is built. Run the binary directly

that is correct. dolphin-emulator will be built and you can run it with


or from your applications list

You will need to test emulation with any legally aquired Nintendo Wii or GameCube game dump. There is also plenty of Wii homebrew games that you should be able to test with if you are unable to aquire any Wii/GC game dumps legally (List of homebrew games - WiiBrew).

If the renderer is not set to “Vulkan” in dolphin settings by default you will need to switch to it as this issue does not happen with “OpenGL”

Issue resolved in 36.3.0

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