single GPU for both display and computing


any experts know how the gpu resources, like the cores and different kinds of memory, are allocated for the computation if i only have one gpu in my desktop which is also in charge of display?



I also had similar query before.

I tried to understand GPU with the tool - “GPU-Z”.

I observed that very less GPU resources are being used by other applications.

even when i try to open any small cad file it uses very less memory and release them when i minimise them.

you can try GPU-Z to understand graphics poperties and uses.

It is same tool like taskmgr for CPU.

but yes !

experts please put some light on it !



You can use one card for your display and CUDA. However, the display gets priority. AIUI, CUDA memory allocations can be nuked if the display requires more RAM, and CUDA kernels are restricted to a 20ms (5?) runtime.