Slice encode/decode support

Do the H.264/H.265 encoders and decoders on Tegra X1 support slice mode?
A slice is segment of a picture bigger than macroblocks but smaller than a frame. I would like to feed one slice as input to the encoder and expect output to be encoded version of it (and vice versa for decoder).

If slice encode/decode is supported, then is there a limit for number of slices per frame?

Hi Sagar,
Please refer to examples about slice-header-spacing and bit-packetization in gstreamer user guide

‘slice-header-spacing’ is not what I asked for. In ‘slice-header-spacing’ the video is still fed as a complete frame.

My question is about feeding one slice(part of video frame) as input to the encoder and expect output to be encoded slice. This encoded slice should be a decodable unit (du) which means it should decodable by the decoder independently.

Is this configurability and support present in Multimedia API or OMX-IL API?

Hi Sagar,
Your case is not supported. The input has to be complete frames.

Thanks DaneLLL for your reply.

Is there any plan of supporting slice mode in future?

Hi Sagar,
Currently we don’t have plan for this.

But please give more information about your case. For example, if the input frame is 1920x1080 YUV420, the first 2073600 bytes are Y and rest 1036800 bytes are UV. What is the slice combined in your case?
Is each slice a complete YUV420? Or it is divided into 1920x1080 Y and 1920x1080 UV? Does any SW encoder(such as ffmpeg) support your case?