Slice decoding on Orin NX


Does Orin NX decoder support single slice input and single slice output for each frame that contains multiple slices?

I am trying to feed one slice to decoder and expect to get raw data of the slice.
Below are commands that I use.

Generate multiple slice H264 stream:
sudo ./video_encode test_4k_nv12.yuv 3840 2160 H264 test_4k_nv12.264 -idri 30 --insert-spspps-idr -nrf 1 -br 50000000 --max-perf -hpt 1 --sle -slt 1 -slen 4050 --sp -fps 60 1

Decode the multiple slice stream and every input is a slice(nalu).
sudo ./video_decode H264 --disable-rendering --max-perf --input-nalu -o dec_output.yuv --disable-dpb -f 1 test_4k_nv12_AA.264

However, the decoding output is corrupted raw data.

I am wondering if decoder only works when every input is a complete frame?

Thanks for your help.

We don’t support outputting decoded data in slices. The decoded buffer will contain full frame data. For example, if one frame is consisted of three slices, each buffer will have decoded data of three slices.

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