SN2700 switch not seeing attached cable through third party 100G QSFP28 SR4.

We ​have a number of third party transceivers (from FS.COM) that state they are equivalent to the Mellanox MMA1B00-C100D connected to our SN2700. We can read the vendor information from the transceiver so the switch is seeing the transceiver, however, despite having MPO-12 OM4 inserted, the SN2700 does not report seeing the cable. It tells us what we should use (OM3 or OM4), just the same as if there was no cable inserted.

Inserting the transceivers and cables to produce a back to back link also fails, so it is not the other end, though for completeness, the other end of the cable is connected to an IXIA 100Gb test chassis.

The SN2700 has been reset to factory settings, so we don’t believe the issue is configuration, as we have Mellanox and Finisar transceivers working in other ports (moving them to the FS.COM ports works fine).

Any help on third party transceivers would be most gratefully received.

Hi David,

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The SN2700 switch is running which operating system?