ConnectX7 OSFP to 100Gb QSFP28 switch infrastructure

I currently have several servers populated with a ConnectX7 400Gb NIC with the single port OSFP option with two target switches in mind for network connection.

1.) The first is to an SN4700 switch and the documentation clearly calls out which transceivers and MPO cables are required for this connection from the OSFP flat top cage on the ConnectX7 to the QSFP-DD cages on the SN4700. So no issues here.
2.) For the second, I have some existing 100Gb network switch infrastructure that only has QSFP28 cages on the switch. Is there current any solution to connect the OSFP from the ConnectX7 to the QSFP28 on the switch and have the link run at 100Gb instead of 400Gb?

Google searches have brought up some mentions of OSFP to QSFP28 passive adapters (OSFP to QSFP Adaptor — JPC Connectivity), but I can’t find much information on them or if they are compatible with the OSFP flat-top required by the ConnectX7.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Brian
The link below states that the 100G products that have been validated for this card are all compatible here, but they have not been compatible. You can try it out yourself and make a purchase. We cannot guarantee compatibility issues.