How to connect infiniband (QSFP28) switch with RJ45


I have a bunch of servers having ConnectX-6 and connecting to a switch which only has QSFP28 ports (we bought this:

Now I have another computer which only has RJ45 port. And there is no additional space in it to install a ConnectX. How can I do to connect it to my switch? Is there any adapters between RJ45 and QSFP28?


You can check CX6 ETH compatible cable below,

Select Validated and Supported 1GbE Cables

|1GbE|MC3208011-SX|NVIDIA Optical module, ETH 1GbE, 1Gb/s, SFP, LC-LC, SX 850nm, up to 500m|

|1GbE|MC3208411-T|NVIDIA module, ETH 1GbE, 1Gb/s, SFP, Base-T, up to 100m|

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