Configure ConnectX7 Single-port OSFP as 4 separate ports


We have the following ConnectX-7 Card:

Description:    NVIDIA ConnectX-7 HHHL Adapter card; 400GbE / NDR IB (default mode); Single-port OSFP; PCIe 5.0 x16; Crypto Disabled; Secure Boot Enabled;

How can we configure the Single-port OSFP (4x100G lanes) card to have four network ports, with a split of 4x100G lanes into 4 100G lanes, where each 100G lane corresponds to a network port?

ConnectX-7 cards can’t be splited to 4x100G port, it is not supported.
The 1-4 split cable OSFP connector can only connect to Switch port.