Snd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC0D3: HDMI: Unknown ELD version 0

Hi, I’m trying to connect my Jetson Xavier to a display set for an HMD. The displays are 3" both connected to a single driver board which run at 2160 x 2160 res each at 90 Hz. I am running an application that renders to 4320 x 2160 and have them connected to the DP port of the system. As is, the system runs normally but the displayed output is 2160 x 2160 only and cannot render 4320 x 2160 and that renders my application with some problems. So, I added an HDMI dongle and that solved my problem. However, almost always running for a while, I find that the system misbehaves. For instance, the displays start flickering or they go black. I’m using the Seeed A206 carrier board. I saw some posts discussing the EDID.c and DP.c. Could that be related?

Attached are syslog and kern logs that show the issue happening after an hour of running the system.

kern_output.log (76.0 KB)
syslog_ouput.txt (235.7 KB)

  1. If issue is only related to DP, then please do not connect any HDMI. Do not try HDMI dongle either. It could be adding noise for original DP issue.
    Use ssh or uart serial console to debug in this situation.

  2. dump the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and full dmesg after you set up (1).

please also shrea

sudo -s
cat /sys/kernel/debug/tergradc.1/edid
cat /sys/kernel/debug/tergradc.0/edid

Hi @WayneWWW ,

Thank you for your reply. Here is the bundle with the edid files. Thanks for helping out!
edid&dmesg& (26.5 KB)

What is your result of xrandr command?

I checked your EDID and there are modes with 2160x2160 and also 4320x2160.

Thanks for checking @WayneWWW . I attached the output of the xrandr command. I also attached the logs of two different units with the same setup that experienced issues after 3-4 hours whereby the displays flicker.
Log (752.9 KB)